Personalized Elf with Name and Year, Santa Key, Note to Santa, Reindeer Food

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Deck the halls with this adorable Christmas Personalized Elf equipped with a magic Santa Key, Note to Santa, and Reindeer Food. The elf is personalized with the name and date of your choice, and is available in a boy elf or girl elf. The elf measures approximately 14.5 inches tall. The elves are also decorated with a wintry white snowflake.

*Please enter the name and date you would like personalized in the "Enter Name Here" box. If no date is given, you will receive 2018*

Personalized name.
Personalized year.
Boy or girl elf.
Reindeer food bag (contains oats and glitter).
Santa's magic key with note to Santa.

Personalized Elf with Name, Year, Santa Key, Reindeer Food