Christmas Garland with Wool Felt Balls (Red, Green, and Tan Color, Holiday Garland)

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Spruce up your Halloween home decor with our Halloween inspired garland! Our garland is hand decorated with black, orange, and white wool balls. The wool balls are spaced approximately 1.5-2 inches apart.
The length you are choosing is the total length from the first and last wool ball. There will be 2 feet of extra string on each side to allow ample room to hang or tie your garland. The wool balls can also be easily moved closer together or further apart and will stay in place.

-Wool Balls-
2cm in diameter
2 ft (12 balls)
3 ft (18 balls)
4 ft (24 balls)
5 ft (30 balls)
6 ft (36 balls)
7 ft (42 balls)

Wool Felt Balls
White Colored String